“Exploring the emotional links between Poetry and Painting is like picking two different flowers from the same field to form a bouquet…”

Sahiba Malik is a young Abstract artist, Avid collector of Indian/Abstract/ Modern Contemporary Art, and a Blogger. Sahiba has been exhibiting her work in Delhi and out of Delhi. Her work has been exhibited in various forums and she was selected as the youngest artist in Delhi International Film Festival. Her abstract paintings are nationally recognised and are highly Collectible. Though she was born and brought up in India, she has extensively traveled and has lived abroad for many years.

She has great exposure to the art of different countries. She discovered her love for art from an early age, her paintings are not deliberately, nor specific to any place or time. As her aim is for the viewer to develop and build their own personal connections with each piece. She herself began a journey through which she depicts her emotions very carefully and expresses them through both colour and form. SoulSpace09 is her new venture where she has showcased her exclusive collection.

Sahiba Malik
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